About the Turbo Twist

With the Vibe Turbo Twist you perform crazy moves! skid 180 or even twist 360 can you handle it?!!!

With racing car style tail-wing, exhaust, wide low profile rear wheels, and bucket seat. This low profile machine is powered by a mag wheel and control by joysticks and with powerful V Brake…

A great outdoor activity for Kids age 7 to 13 plus!

  • Frame – low C of G (centre of gravity) steel tubular frame construction, for less drag and superior handling.
  • Front wheel drive – 20” Mag front wheel with wide tyre, for max power to ground performance, incorporated freewheel enables driver to coast at speed without the cranks spinning.
  • Rear wheels – Extra wide resin moulded racing wheels, designed with little grip in mind for crazy twists and skids. It wouldn’t be fun if there were too much grip!!
  • Joystick steer – Twin joysticks to control rear wheel steering crazy twists and skids.
  • V brake – Front wheel brake for stop on a dime performance.
  • Bucket seat – Adjustable moulded seat to hold the driver in position when performing crazy twists and skids. Adjusts to meet wide range of driver power plants (leg length!).
  • Rear tail wing and exhaust – Tail wing for improved hi-speed handling (down force only effective at over 80 mph). Exhaust to direct driver and machines un-burnt gases!! (Rear tail wing and exhaust for marketing purpose only – they don’t actually work – looks good though!!)
  • Safety Flag –For safety!

Caution / Warning please remember always wear Helmet, Gloves & pads at all times, don’t ride at night or on public roads. Designed for use in safe open spaces. Parent supervision recommended. Read the owners manual before use.